About Linda Rief

Linda Rief, is a full-time language arts teacher at Oyster River Middle School in Durham, New Hampshire. She has been an instructor at the University of New Hampshire's Summer Literacy Institute since 1989 and taught for several years at Northeastern University's Summer Institute on Martha's Vineyard.

In 1988, Linda was the recipient of one of two Kennedy Center Fellowships for Teachers of the Arts. She spent the month of July at the Kennedy Center in Washington, District of Columbia, authoring prose and poetry based on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. During this time, she read her writing in a performance at the Kennedy Center, which was later broadcast on NPR.

During the spring of 1999, Linda designed and hosted a series of eight TV programs called Tales Out of School: Reading and Writing Beyond the Classroom for the Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She also received the Richard W. Halle Award in 1999, which was presented by the middle school assembly of NCTE.

In the spring of 2000, she hosted and helped design a second series production called The Power of Words: Kids Can, Kids Do... Make a Difference, which received the Pillar Award and a First Place for Education Application from the 19th Annual TeleCon Awards in Anaheim, California. She was also the recipient of NCTE's Edwin A. Hoey Award for Outstanding Middle School Educator in the English Language Arts, as well as the New Hampshire English/Language Arts Teacher of the Year award.

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Through the 2001-2002 school year, Linda's classroom was one of eight selected to film ways students transact with text in order to build their own interpretations of literature. Based on the literacy research of Judith Langer at SUNY in Albany, New York, Making Meaning in Literature is the second of the Envisioning Literature series of video workshops produced by Maryland Public Television with Annenberg/CPB.

After co-founding Voices from the Middle, a journal for middle school teachers published by the National Council of Teachers of English, Linda spent five years as its co-editor and subsequently wrote the Writers' Workshop column for several years during that time. She also chaired the Early Adolescence English/Language Arts Standards Committee of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards for three years, including its inception.

Linda continues to conduct numerous national and international workshops on issues pertaining to adolescent literacy. However, her full-time commitment remains with her eighth grade students.
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